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Storing your confidential files and other data off-site protects them from unauthorized review and removal by those who are not authorized to see the records. Those unauthorized individuals could be your existing employees, janitorial staff, contractors, vendors and others who have access to your office space. By using off-site record storage, you control which of your employees has access to the records. The off-site storage personnel are background checked and the facility is monitored 24 hours a day to prevent unauthorized access.


You can have your files retieved any time you need them. Just let your Record Storage Center member know. Another important part of service is the establishment of a systematic procedure for record management on an ongoing basis. That could consist of a systematic "route" to pick up or deliver your business data and files each week or month as best meets your needs. If you need one-time, special pick up or delivery, that is easily done also.

Cost effective

As business records or other confidential records are moved to a secure records storage facility, your valuable real estate is freed up. In almost all cases, the record storage company's cost per cubic footage of storage area is significantly less than yours. In addition, the records storage company amortizes the costs of high quality security and other services over many customers. These may be costs that are prohibitive for a facility like yours to incur.

Make systematic Record Security an integral part of your information security and regulatory compliance program. Contact Record Storage Center today.